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Distinguished Professor Lecture series: Ageing Futures: Quality Care and Decent Work?

Recording from Tuesday 30 November

The crisis faced across the OECD in the provision of aged care was made visible to the broader community during the COVID-19 pandemic. In making the link between the quality of care and the working conditions of the frontline workers who provide the care, the lecture draws on a body of collaborative research conducted over the last decade.

Funded by the Australian Research Council and the Canadian Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council these different projects provide multi-level insights into the ways in which the interaction of gendered care, employment and migration regimes can produce both unacceptable care and unacceptable forms of work.

These research findings also point to the systemic changes required to ensure that frontline workers have the economic security and time to enable diverse cohorts of older adults to age with dignity.

Key speaker: Distinguished Professor Sara Charlesworth.

Sara is a socio-legal scholar and Professor of Work, Gender & Regulation in the School of Management. Sara’s research is on gender inequality in employment and its various manifestations including in gender pay inequity, sex discrimination, gender-based violence, and precarious and insecure work. More recently her research has focused on the aged care sector.

Sara has participated in key gender equality policy reviews and debates and been invited to give evidence to a range of government inquiries including to the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality & Safety. She has also been an advisor to diverse government and private sector organisations as well as community and human rights bodies. Sara is an inaugural member of the Victorian government’s Equal Workplaces Advisory Council and is currently co-convenor of the Work+Family Policy Roundtable, a network of Australian scholars with expertise on gender, work and care policy.



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