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Australia Public Libraries and the support services for newly settled refugees

Funding: Australian Library and Information Association

December 2020 – December 2021

The aim of this study is to explore the role of Australian Public Libraries and their support services for newly settled refugees. In 2019, ALIA produced a report on the ’Services for Migrants and Refugees’ and the programs that were being implemented across Australia. We will extend this work by exploring the pivotal role that librarians play in implementing and sustaining such programs. The objective of this project is to identify, document and communicate a best practice framework for developing, delivering and sustaining digital literacy programs for newly settled refugees in Australian Public Libraries. This framework will allow Librarians across the country to enhance support for refugee communities. Digital literacy is critical for new refugees as they must engage with government and support services that are increasingly provided online.

Key People at CPOW

  • Vanessa Cooper
  • Elizabeth Tait
  • Huan Vo-Tran
  • Naomi Whiteside


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