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Corporate Social Responsibility: Ethics, Business or Politics?

Public Lecture by Prof. Jeremy Moon

Wednesday 20th November, 2019
5 PM – 7 PM | Building 8, Level 11, Room 10

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has emerged as a dominant framework for corporate – society relations, particularly through its new collaborative institutions, both among corporations, and between them and civil society, government and experts. It is therefore presented as a vehicle not only for business legitimacy but also for wider societal problem solving.

But in order for CSR to be evaluated by social and public regulators, its motivations and underlying rationale need to be understood. It is variously portrayed as being about ‘the right thing to do’, about ‘securing more successful business’, and about a contribution to better governance. We will consider the nature of these different claims, their implications for society and business, and if & how the three perspectives can be integrated.

About Prof. Jeremy Moon

Jeremy Moon is Professor of Sustainability Governance and Director of CBS Sustainability Centre, Department of Management, Society and Communication, Copenhagen Business School. Previous appointment include: Founding Director & Professor of the International Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility, University of Nottingham, and Gourlay Chair in Business Ethics, Trinity College, University of Melbourne.

He won the 2018 Academy of Management Review (AMR) Paper of the Decade Award for D Matten and J Moon (2008) ‘”Implicit” and “Explicit” CSR’ AMR. He is the author of the Very Short Introduction to CSR Oxford University Press (2014).

Recent publications include: JS Knudsen & J Moon (2019 pbk) Visible Hands: National Government and International CSR Cambridge University Press and A Kourula, J Moon M-L Salles-Djelic & C Wickert (2019) ‘New Roles of Governments in the Governance of Business Conduct: Implications for Management and Organizational Research’ Organization Studies.

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