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CPOW-CRIMT Partnership Workshop 2019

08 February 19

RMIT University
Swanston Academic Building (Building 80)
445 Swanston Street, Melbourne
08 FEB 19

The aim of the CPOW-CRIMT Partnership Workshop 2019 is to explore how CPOW members can play a part in the International Partnership, comprising 18 research centres worldwide. The workshop will be organised in an engaged way so that attendees can deliberate, reflect and explore the opportunities available.  

Funded by a SSHRC grant (Canada) and managed from Montreal (HEC – Hautes études commerciales de Montréal and Université de Montréal), the partnership offers a range of research and teaching opportunities to CPOW members, and RMIT staff and students more generally. There are opportunities to meet researchers, share ideas, develop joint projects, engage in exchanges across the world, and develop research outputs and teaching materials. The partnership is guided by a commitment to postgraduates and early career researchers, with specialist workshops, travel awards, and opportunities to engage with lead researchers from a range of disciplines.

Already work has and is taking place involving CPOW staff, a policy summit, explorations about joint research, a book project, and exchanges. Lead international members will be present at the workshop: Professor Gregor Murray (Co-director and Canada Research Chair, University of Montreal), Professor Charlotte Yates (Partner Board Member and Provost, University of Guelph) and Professor Patrice Jalette (Lead Researcher, University of Montreal). They will act as a critical resource so that attendees learn about the scope and capacities of the partnership. The workshop will enable CPOW members to make use of these varied and exciting opportunities.

Peter Fairbrother
Kate Farhall
Peter Nowotnik

08 February 2019

Swanston Academic Building, Level 5, Room 12