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Research Themes

Digital Work & Society

The Digital Work & Society theme examines the opportunities and challenges afforded by digital transformation in workplace settings. Our interests include: the interaction between digital technology and workers, organisations, industries and the wider society; how technology can create agency and transform work and society; and how technology adds value to workers, organisations, industries and society. We specialise in research that can lead to impact for workers and organisations, as well as communities and society, and inform policy.

Theme Leaders

Vanessa’s research in information systems examines the impact of technology in complex contexts such as environmental sustainability, emergency management and the future of work. For example, as part of the Green IT research cluster within the Centre for People, Organisation & Work she partnered with industry to develop the first model to measure the “G-readiness” of organisations which has been adopted in global benchmarks of sustainable ICT capabilities.

Vanessa has also applied an analytical approach to connect information systems and knowledge management to a cross-disciplinary research program in emergency management within CPOW. Vanessa’s research has won multiple awards including best paper awards at international conferences and from the Australian Computer Society for environmental sustainability in ICT.

Elizabeth is an interdisciplinary academic interested in digital curation, heritage, political participation and the socio-cultural impact of technology. Before joining RMIT in 2018 she worked as a lecturer/senior lecturer at Robert Gordon University in Scotland and a Research Fellow in the dot.rural Digital Economy Hub at the University of Aberdeen.

She is an active researcher and has worked on large multi-partner projects in areas such as: Cultural Heritage, Transport Policy and Labour Market Studies. She has been a chief or co-investigator on research grants from funding bodies such as Horizon 2020, RCUK, INTERREG, Heritage Lottery Fund and ERDF. Elizabeth collaborates extensively with researchers from other disciplines including Computing Science, Communications and Media and Built Environment Visualisation.