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Effective Communication: Communities and Bushfire

With the events of Black Saturday and the Royal Commission in 2009, there is a renewed urgency to address the bases of communication and community mobilisation in the context of bushfire risks.

Project dates: 1 July 2010 to 30 June 2013

Grants and funding: CRC Bushfire Project

The Effective Communication: Communities and Bushfire project examines and provides an understanding of the social, political and historical bases of community awareness and resilience in bushfire contexts. The research focuses on the intersection between community, institutions and organisations in relation to communication. As a broad concept, communication is the process of establishing meaning, encompassing all forms of social interaction from the personal to public announcements. Communication takes on significance at multiple levels within the community, from organisational and operational communications, such as bushfire warnings, to community education programs and the communication of messages and information via public campaigns.

Key people

Prof. Peter Fairbrother,
Prof. John Fien,
Dr Yoko Akama,
Dr Keith Toh,
Dr Richard Phillips,
Dr Bernard Mees,
Dr Susan Chaplin,
Dr Meagan Tyler,
Mr Sam Carroll-Bell