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Getting Serious About Workplace Gender Equality
Jointly hosted by CPOW and the School of Management, RMIT University (Sept 2021)

Meagan Tyler:
Women at the Edge: Disaster and Beyond (May 2021)

Lena Wang and Sara Charlesworth:
Redefining Workforce Capability (March 2021)

Sara Charlesworth:
Homecare work: Time autonomy & time to care | Seminars in Ageing (August 2020)

Fiona Macdonald & Jenny Malone with Eleanor Bentham:
Wage theft, underpayment and unpaid work in marketised social care (May 2020)

Professor Jeremy Moon:
Corporate Social Responsibility – Ethics, Business or Politics? (November 2019)

Julie Douglas and Katherine Ravenswood:
Putting New Zealand’s 2017 Care and Support Workers Pay Equity Act into Practice – Research findings & Reflections on issues for Australia​. (October 2019)

Walter DeKeseredy:
Violence Against Women in Rural Areas – What We Know and What We Don’t Know​. (May 2019)

Dr Shelley Marshall, Dr Annie Delaney, Dr Carol Bond:
Corporate Social Responsibility / Corporate Accountability (Research Seminar) (May 2019)

Book Launch: Winning for Women A Personal Story by Iola Mathews
 (May 2019)

Professor Peter Turnbull:
Can work get any worse? Working in the Single European Market (April 2019)

Professor David Whyte: 
Kill the Corporation, Before it Kills Us! (March 2019)

Professor Chris Warhurst: 
The Future of Work – Positions, Policies and Evidence (March 2019)

CRIMT 2018 Conference Plenary: Peter Fairbrother
On the Experimentation in the Re-regulation of Work and Employment : How Do We Understand, Interrogate and Compare Cases?

CRIMT 2018 Conference Plenary: Kate Farhall
On The Workplace and Domestic Violence: Challenges and Opportunities During a Time of Industrial Disruption?

Professor Sara Charlesworth | RMIT University – Professor Charlesworth is a Professor and Deputy Head of School (Research and Innovation) in the School of Management. She holds a PhD in Legal Studies. Professor Charlesworth has published and presented widely in a wide range of academic, policy and community fora and has been involved in a number of key gender equality policy reviews and debates. Professor Charlesworth’s research interests centre on gender inequality in employment at the labour market, industry and organisational levels.

Professor Peter Fairbrother | RMIT University – Professor Fairbrother is Professor of International Employment Relations in the School of Management and Deputy Director of the Centre for People, Organisation and Work. Professor Fairbrother focuses on the political economy of work futures, bringing together two dimensions: first on collective organisation and representation, and second the changing patterns and relations of work and employment in different political contexts. 

Trade Unions, Management and Place: The Australian Manufacturing Workers Union in the Vegetable and Potato Processing Industry in North West Tasmania Ruth Barton, RMIT University, and Patrice Jalette, Université de Montréal – AIRAANZ 2019 Conference stream, 12-14 February 2019, Melbourne
Challenges and Opportunities for Digital Technology in Engaging Communities in Emergencies (Webinar) – On the importance of social media and the increasing role of platform-based actors in emergency management landscape (presented by S.Karanasios, M.Poblett-Balcell & V.Cooper).

When is proactivity wise? A review of factors that influence the individual outcomes of proactive behavior.
Video produced by Parker, S.K., Wang, Y., and Liao, J. to disseminate their research findings published in the Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior.

Paid care, labour deregulation and private business: Lessons from the UK.
This is a slide pack and presentation by Cardiff University’s Dr Lydia Hayes, presented at RMIT University Melbourne.