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Evaluating Redress Mechanisms Governing the Human Rights Practices of Transnational Business: Lessons for Institutional Design and Operation

Researching the protection of vulnerable workers and communities' human rights when violated by transnational businesses.

Project dates: 2011-2016

Grants and funding: ARC Linkage Project LP110100426

This research project addresses the urgent need to provide vulnerable workers and communities with more effective means of defending their human rights when these are violated by businesses based in countries elsewhere in the world.

We conducted research in Australia and the UK as home countries of transnational businesses, and India and Indonesia as host countries. We explored twelve case studies – three each in agribusiness, extractives and the garments sector in each host country.

Key People

  • Annie Delaney (Chief Investigator)
  • Kate McDonald
  • Shelley Marshall
  • Fiona Haines
  • Tim Connor
  • Sam Balaton-Chrimes

Industry Partners

  • Federation of Homeworkers Worldwide UK
  • Action Aid Australia
  • Oxfam Australia
  • The Corporate Responsibility Coalition (CORE) UK