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Feminist Reading Group

Next reading group: May 13, 2021

Dr Lauren Gurrieri and Dr Meagan Tyler welcome you to the Feminist Reading Group for 2021, after our COVID hiatus. This is a space for respectful discussion of feminist concepts and practice for interested RMIT staff and postgraduate students – from those very new to feminist ideas to those who specialise in this area of research.

When we ran a series of Feminist Reading Group seminars in 2019, we worked through a handbook of feminist theory together, each month – with one member nominated to lead discussion on a set of classic feminist texts.

We will be meeting every 2 months this year, preferencing face to face meeting, where possible.  And we’ll attempt a more flexible format in the hope of canvassing a wide range of contemporary topics but will preserve a nominated seminar discussant for each session. We welcome suggestions for readings and volunteers for leading discussion.

The first session for the year will be hosted on Thursday 13 May 2021 at the RMIT City Campus (80.01.02) from 11am-1pm. This is a free event. To register your attendance and receive a copy of the readings, please email either Meagan Tyler or Lauren Gurrieri

This initiative is supported by the Gender and Equality research theme in the Centre for People, Organisation and Work.

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