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Platforms and the emergency management sector: understanding the use by organisations and citizens

The study investigates how organisations and citizens use social media to share information in the context of emergencies. 

Funding: Emergency Management Victoria

Dates: October 2017 - July 2019

RMIT University research team undertook three phases of research to understand the current use of social media in Victoria. In the first phase, the team interviewed emergency response, government agencies, local government, NGOs, CBOs, private organisations and informal groups about their use of social media. The second phase analysed Facebook and Twitter postings to understand how these communication channels were being used during periods of emergency and extreme weather events. The final phase examined the perspectives of individuals.

In this workshop (see video below), Dr. Stan Karanasios, Associate Professor Marta Poblet-Balcell and Professor Vanessa Cooper presented key findings from their project “Building Resilience and Inclusion Amongst Vulnerable Populations through Social Media”, funded by Emergency Management Victoria.



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