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Publication: Work and Personality Change: What We Do Makes Who We Are

Dr Lena Wang, leader of CPOW’s Diversity & Inclusion theme has had her new book published: Wang, Y., & Wu, C. H. (2021). Work and personality change: What we do makes who we are. Bristol, UK: Bristol University Press. 

This book takes an integrated approach to unpack a relatively new research paradigm in organisational psychology, that is how employees’ personality, rather than being fixed entities, can be modified and developed by work environment. The authors also discuss individual agency in directing ones’ own personality change at workplace – which is a new area only starting to emerge in social and personality psychology, and yet to be incorporated in organisational psychology.  

“Wang and Wu describe how personality develops in work and across the career path. This volume is a must-read for academics and practitioners active in the domains of personality development, coaching and talent acquisition and management.” — Professor Filip De Fruyt, Ghent University
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