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Redefining Workforce Capability: Technology and Innovation in the Mental Health and Aged Care Sector (Webinar)

Monday 29 March, 2021

A recording of this event is available here.

The mental health of employees is crucial to the success of any workplace. However, a number of people currently employed in Australia are experiencing mental health challenges, which can subsequently impact their performance and work capability. In this webinar, invited researchers and industry partners shared their insights on this topic, exploring how can we better support employees’ mental health through effective Human Resource strategies. Moderated by Distinguished Professor Sara Charlesworth, speakers included: 

  • Dr Lena Wang (leader of CPOW’s Diversity & Inclusion theme). Lena will address how organisations can benefit from incorporating Lived Experience roles into their business structures and how to effectively utilise their expertise to improve employees’ mental health.
  • PhD Scholar in the School of Management Patricia Pariona-Cabrera who will share her research findings on managing the effects of workplace violence on nurses’ mental health in the aged care sector. Taking a solution-oriented approach Patricia will share how innovative advances such as well-being-oriented HRM practices can improve nurses’ well-being and service experience.
  • James Hill, who is a public speaker for Beyond Blue and international mental health educator, will talk to what impact his Lived Experience role as Mental Health Advocate at Energy Queensland has had on company and its employees.

The event was organised by the College of Business and Law, RMIT University.

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