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Skilling the Bay – Geelong Regional Labour Market Profile

The aim of the project, ‘Skilling the Bay - Geelong Regional Labour Market Profile’ is to better understand the current and future skills needs in the Regional Geelong Area (RGA).

he RGA comprises the four Local Government Areas (LGAs) of the City of Greater Geelong, Borough of Queenscliffe, Surf Coast Shire and the Golden Plains Shire.

The objectives are to: Identify the types of skills and qualifications workers currently possess, and how these may (or may not) meet current or future skills needs of Regional Geelong Area businesses; Suggest potential future skills demands of employers with a consideration of changes in demand; Understand the position of displaced and vulnerable workers along with their career aspirations as they confront changes in employment and labour market conditions; and Inform development of a long-term vision for jobs and training in the Regional Geelong Area.

Skilling the Bay – Briefing Report 1

This briefing is an element of the research being undertaken by the Centre for Sustainable Organisations and Work (CPOW) as part of the broader ‘Skilling the Bay’ program. This brief brings together data and analysis from a range of reports on the current economic status and economic future of the Geelong region. It presents a description and critical analysis of data surrounding the labour market in the Geelong region and provides a contextual overview for the larger CPOW project. The brief outlines sectors that are currently identified as experiencing employment growth, sectors that have been highlighted as potential growth areas, and sectors that are confronting significant challenges and are considered in transition or decline. The report discusses what these trends mean for economic diversification and changing employment and skill requirements.

Skilling the Bay – Briefing Report 2

The briefing paper presents a description and analysis of the employment profile of residents in the Regional Geelong Area (RGA). This report draws out the implications of the employment profile of the RGA residents with reference to the character and potential of the local labour market.

Skilling the Bay – Briefing Report 3 – Scenario Workshops

As part of the ‘Skilling the Bay: Geelong Regional Labour Market Profile’, a series of scenario workshops were held in Geelong in February 2013, envisioning futures for the region in ten years’ time. These workshops engaged a range of stakeholders from key sectors: health care and social assistance, manufacturing, education, and local government. The workshops enabled stakeholders in the Regional Geelong Area to consider ‘extreme futures’ and to identify and discuss key issues that are seen as central to future planning and policy making.

Utilising ‘extreme scenarios’, these workshops aimed to open up discussion about industry futures and the identification of investment and job opportunities, as well as enable an understanding of skills profiles and strategies to deal with skills surfeits, deficits and up-skilling. Such an analysis intends to provide a focused understanding of skills issues, as they emerge and from different actors’ perspectives, allowing stakeholders to identify potential ways forward for the region.