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"The purpose of this report is to outline the major changes in climate and skills policy, as well as in the economy and employment, following a 2009 review of climate policy and skills developments."

Huon Curtis, Nigel Douglas, Peter Fairbrother, Kate Grosser, Val Propokiv, Michael Rafferty, Philip Toner (2018) Skills for Green Jobs in Australia, International Labour Organisation
978-92-2-132905-3 (print) 978-92-2-132906-0 (web)


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This study was conducted by Huon Curtis, Nigel Douglas, Peter Fairbrother, Kate Grosser, Val Propokiv, Michael Rafferty, Philip Toner, as a part of set of national studies on skills for green jobs conducted in some thirty countries globally. 

The set of studies is the result of collaboration between the ILO and the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop). Overall methodological guidance was provided by Olga Strietska-Ilina (ILO Employment Policy Department, Skills and Employability Branch). 

Coordination of country studies and technical backstopping was provided by a team led by Catherine Saget (ILO Research Department), Tahmina Mahmud (ILO Skills and Employability Branch) and Takaaki Kizu (ILO Research Department). Moustapha Kamal Gueye and Marek Harsdorff (ILO Enterprises Department) contributed to the studies’ implementation on behalf of the ILO Green Jobs Programme. Alena Zukersteinova and Stelina Chatzichristou from Cedefop’s Department for Skills and Labour Market coordinated studies among the participating EU countries.

Valuable inputs were provided by the ILO colleagues: Christine Hoffmann, Laura Brewer, Maria Ilca Lima Webster, Alvaro Ramirez Bogantes, Hassan Ndahi, Fernando Vargas Zuñiga, Patrick Daru, Akiko Sakamoto, Mikhail Pouchkin, Gabriel Bordado, Julien Magnat, Kanae Tada, Tendy Gunawan,
Bolotbek Orokov, Gwyneth Anne Palmos, Georginia Pascual, Badiane Cheickh and Kishore Kumar Singh. 

Massimiliano Leone, Ana Buzdugan (International Training Centre ILO Turin), Mariela Dyrberg and Annette Brandstäter (ILO Employment Policy Department), Solveig Boyer (ILO Green Jobs Programme) and Manuela Flamini (Edizioni Retrò s.r.l.) were responsible for editing and design.