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The Future of Work in the Latrobe Valley, Victoria

In November 2013, the Australian Research Council commissioned the Centre for Sustainable Organisations and Work to examine the ‘Unions and Regional Regeneration’ in the North West Tasmania region.

Unions face choices. They often play positive roles in regional redevelopment. But, in North West Tasmania, they are marginal. This project examines the barriers to such involvement. It shows how unions can engage to support regeneration of regional economies. The outcome is an understanding of the conditions for sustainable regeneration. Not only does this project extend theory on union purpose, capacities and organisation in support of economic, political and environmental change towards sustainable futures, it applies a novel combination of methods. The project seeks to extend theories of social change and social mobilisation.

Key people

Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Project Grant – Chief Investigators:

  • Peter Fairbrother (RMIT),
  • Ruth Barton (RMIT),
  • George Cairns (RMIT),
  • George Wright (Warwick Business School),
  • Kevin Morgan (Cardiff University)